May 29, 2020

The Miracle of the Jew part 3

Now there was not a man in the church save this Jew, for all the others were hearing the preachment which the Abbot made. And when this Jew perceived that he was alone, he began to think within himself and say, “This is the body of the Ruydiez Cid, whom they say no man in the world ever took by the beard while he lived. I will take him by the beard now, and See what he can do to me.” And with that he put forth his hand to pull the beard of the Cid; but before his hand could reach it, God, who would not suffer this thing to be done, sent his spirit into the body, and the Cid let the strings of his mantle go from his right hand, and laid hand on his sword Tizona, and drew it a full palm`s length out of the scabbard.

And when the Jew saw this, he fell upon his back for great fear, and began to cry out so loudly that all they who were without the Church heard him, and the Abbot broke off his preachment and went into the church to see what it might be. And when they came they found this Jew lying upon his back before the ivory chair, like one dead, for he had ceased to qry out, and had swooned away. And then the Abbot Don Garcia Tellez looked at the body of the Cid, and saw that his right hand was upon the hilt of the sword, and that he had drawn it out a full palm`s length; and he was greatly amazed. And he called for holy water, and threw it in the face of the Jew, and with that the lew came to himself.

Then the Abbot asked him what all this had been, and he told him the whole truth; and he knelt down upon his knees before the Abbot, and besought him of his mercy that he would make a Christian of him, because of this great miracle which he had Keen, and baptize him in the name ofjesus Christ, for he would live and die in his faith, holding all other to be but erroneous. And the Abbot baptized him in the name of the Holy Trinity, and gave him to name Diego Gil.

That day forward Diego Gil remained

And all who were there present were greatly amazed, and they made a great outcry and great rejoicings to God for this miracle, and for the power which He had shown through the body of the Cid in this manner; for it was plain that what the Jew said was verily and indeed true, because the posture of the Cid was changed. And from that day forward Diego Gil remained in the Monastery as long as he lived, doing service to the body of the Cid.

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