July 5, 2020

The smell of the history

The smell of the history in Kastamonu: izbeli Farm

The Izbeli Farm set up by the Sultan Mehmet 4. In 1651 to train cavalry soldiers to the ottoman army contributes today to the tourism of Kastamonu and joins the past with the present.

The cavalry soldiers [rained at the Izbeli Farm and renowned with their discipline gained big victories for many yeras. The farm which had been one of the important training centers of the Ottoman army and set up on a land of 860 thousand sqm. serves currently the tourism.


The mansion at the Izbeli Farm keeping the history of many centuries is transformed to a museum now. Sabiha Izbeli kept for many years the objects in the mansion enabling the visitors to live various phases of the history in an authentic atmosphere. Among these objects, there are flintlock guns, lighting equipment and many authentic materials. Sabiha Izbeli donated the bed blanket used by Ataturk during his visit to Kastamonu in 1925 to the Museum of the Town History. The Izbeli Farm serves the tourism of Kastamonu since two years.

The Organic Agriculture

At the farm, the products cultivated with the natural manure without using chemical fertilizer and hormone are offered to the domestic and foreign tourists. Among the delights preferred by the visitors, there are the speciality of bread with meat of Kastamonu, ayran (a cool drink made of yoghurt and water) and egsi. Sabiha Izbeli rewarded with the prize of “Successful Businesswomen of the Year” distributed by the Dunya newspaper in 2003 for her activities in Kastamonu tries to transmit the history gaining value in time to the next generations.

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