December 14, 2019

Sea Captain

I would have liked to be a Captain of the Sea

Drawing viewers’ attention with the role of Peyker in the TV series Ask-i Memnu, Nur Fettahoglu has made it to the top as the character of Mahidevran in Muhtesem Yuzyil (The Magnificent Century). ‘If I were Mahidevran, I would think of more clever solutions, but this is desperation, you never know’ says the beautiful actress, stating that if she had lived during that period, she would have wanted to be Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha.

‘The leading figures of that period went through great pain’

Starting her acting career with ‘Benden Baba Olmaz’ and then following with ‘Gonul Salincagi’, Nur Fettahoglu really made her acting breakthrough as ‘Peyker’ in Ask-i Memnu. The role of Mahidevran in ‘Muhtesem Yuzyil’ has carved her a position at the top. The beautiful actress, appearing as Mahidevran, one of the strong women of the Harem during the reign of Kanuni, says if she had lived during that period, she would have wanted to be a seafarer like Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha. We spoke to her about her acting career and other elements of her life.

Would you give us some hints about the new season of ‘Muhtesem Yuzyil’?

What can I say? Another thrilling season, a turbulent harem and again, a tearful Mahidevran.


What would Nur do if she were Mahidevran?

Nur would be sad, too. Nur would struggle, too, at least for her child. She would come up with cleverer solutions and be more coolheaded in her plans, sure, but this is desperation, you never know what she would do. After all, Hurrem’s fame has gone beyond the locked box that is the Harem; it has been told from ear to ear for 450-500 years and survived to this day.

It has so much power. So may god protect Nur from Hurrems.

Whose life would you have wanted to live if you had lived during that period?

We see that the leading figures of the period went through great pain that is hard to handle. Some are lovers who cannot unite, while some grieve for their deceased children and others cannot save their beloved siblings. Death or love has visited all of them, leaving behind troubles without remedies. Other people have been forgotten anyway; I do not know if I would want to be someone who was forgotten. The best would be to become the master of the seas; it is already in my blood. I would have wanted to be Barbarossa.

‘I have a great deal to learn in the field of acting’

Underneath that cold character on the screen, there is a vibrant woman. When will we see you on the screen with a role, or a TV show that reflects this side of you?

I would also love to show my warm, lively side with such a character, of course, but there are no such plans just now.

You have studied fashion design, worked as a banker, presented the news on TV, and are now acting. How else will you surprise the world?

I let the winds hurl me around and in the end, I found myself where I want to be. I also enjoy designing and want to make use of this; the boss of a successful design company. Why not?

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