December 13, 2019

Mardin Stonemasonry

Mardin Stone Masonry Master-Trainer

I was born in 1965 in Mardin. I have been a stonemason for 25 years. I practice this art with love and enjoy sharing with people. I feel happy when working. In 1985, when I wasn’t working yet, I met with Master Yusuf. He is the best stonemason of Mardin. He took me into his business. At first it was quite challenging, I wanted to quit but I endured and accomplished because patience rewards us with success. I have done this for 25 years and I am glad I did not quit.

Hardest part

Drawing is the hardest part…

A couple of good eyes and concentration are crucial in stonemasonry.

Determination and patience are the basics. Becoming a stonemason would be very difficult without these qualities. Presently, there are three or four stonemasons.

Like I said, patience and devotion will bring success and this art will spring to its feet again. I kind of talk with the stone as I do my job. This way always makes me happy. The hardest part of this art is absolutely the drawing process. One needs to be attentive when drawing.

I first learned about the ‘One Master Thousand Masters’ project with the help of Mardin Culture and Tourism Director Davut Beliktay and Mardin Culture and Art Association President Nurettin Cakmak. I wanted to teach the trainees what I have learned from my master and during my 25 years of experience. Participation had been satisfying, classes had been enjoyable.

Trainees were willing and they worked with determination… All my students took this business serious. I think some of them will carry it on. I thank Anadolu Sigorta once again for creating such an opportunity. Within the context of the project, I gave trainings intensely for three months. I wish that my students would open workshops and continue practicing this art by enhancing it. I believe they will succeed.

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