December 9, 2019

Lludd and Llevelys part 5

when this was ended, King Lludd caused an exceeding great banquet to be
prepared. And when it was ready, he placed a vessel of cold water by his side,
and he in his own proper person watched it. And as he abode thus clad with
arms, about the third watch of the night, lo, he heard many surpassing
fascinations and various songs. And drowsiness urged him to sleep. Upon this,
lest he should be hindered from his purpose and be overcome by sleep, he went
often into the water. And at last, behold, a man of vast size, clad in strong,
heavy armor, came in, bearing a hamper. And, as he was wont, he put all the
food and provisions of meat and drink into the hamper, and proceeded to go with
it forth. And nothing was ever more wonderful to Lludd, than that the hamper
should hold so much.

thereupon King Lludd went after him and spoke unto him thus. “Stop, stop,” said
he, “though thou hast done many insults and much spoil erewhile, thou shalt not
do so any more, unless thy skill in arms and thy prowess be greater than mine.”

Bestow Victory

he instantly put down the hamper on the floor, and awaited him. And a fierce
encounter was between them, so that the glittering fire flew out from their
arms. And at last Lludd grappled with him, and fate bestowed the victory on
Lludd. And he threw the plague to the earth. And after he had overcome him by
strength and might, he besought his mercy. “How can I grant thee mercy,” said
the king, “after all the many injuries and wrongs that thou has done me?” “All
the losses that ever I have caused thee,” said he, “I will make the atonement
for equal to what I have taken. And I will never do the like from this time
forth. But thy faithful vassal will I be.” And the king accepted this from him.

thus Lludd freed the Island of Britain from the three plagues. And from
thenceforth until the end of his life, in prosperous peace did Lludd the son of
Beli rule the Island of Britain. And this Tale is called the Story of Lludd and
Llevelys. And thus it ends.

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