December 9, 2019

Lludd and Llevelys part 4

then, in thine own person do thou remain there watching, and thou wilt see the
dragon fighting in the form of terrific animals. And at length they will take
the form of dragons in the air. And last of all, after wearying themselves with
fierce and furious fighting, they will fall in the form of two pigs upon the
covering, and they will sink in, and the covering with them, and they will draw
it down to the very bottom of the cauldron. And they will drink up the whole of
the mead; and after that they will sleep. Thereupon do thou immediately fold
the covering around them, and bury them in a kist- vaen, in the strongest place
thou hast in thy dominions, and hide them in the earth. And as long as they shall
bide in that strong place no plague shall come to the Island of Britain from

cause of the third plague,” said he, “is a mighty man of magic, who takes thy
meat and thy drink and thy store. And he through illusions and charms causes
every one to sleep. Therefore it is needful for thee in thy own person to watch
thy food and thy provisions. And lest he should overcome thee with sleep, be
there a cauldron of cold water by thy side, and when thou art oppressed with
sleep, plunge into the cauldron.”

Race and Coranians

Lludd returned back unto his land. And immediately he summoned to him the whole
of his own race and of the Coranians. And as Llevelys had taught him, he
bruised the insects in water, the which he cast over them all together, and
forthwith it destroyed the whole tribe of the Coranians, without hurt to any of
the Britons.

some time after this, Lludd caused the Island to be measured in its length and
in its breadth. And in Oxford he found the central point, and in that place he
caused the earth to be dug, and in that pit a cauldron to be set, full of the
best mead that could be made, and a covering of satin over the face of it. And
he himself watched that night. And while he was there, he beheld the dragons

when they were weary they fell, and came down upon the top of the satin, and
drew it with them to the bottom of the cauldron. And when they had drunk the
mead they slept. And in their sleep, Lludd folded the covering around them, and
in the securest place he had in Snowdon, he hid them in a kistvaen. Now after
that this spot was called Dinas Emreis, but before that, Dinas Ffaraon. And
thus the fierce outcry ceased in his dominions.

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