December 16, 2019

Lludd and Llevelys part 3

when these tidings came to Llevelys, seeing that he know not the cause of his
brother’s ships, he came on the other side to meet him, and with him was a
fleet vast of size. And when Lludd saw this, he left all the ships out upon the
sea except one only; and in that one he came to meet his brother, and he
likewise with a single ship came to meet him. And when they were come together,
each put his arms about the other’s neck, and they welcomed each other with
brotherly love.

that Lludd had shown his brother the cause of his errand, Llevelys said that he
himself knew the cause of the coming to those lands. And they took counsel
together to discourse on the matter otherwise than thus, in order that the wind
might not catch their words, nor the Coranians know what they might say. Then
Llevelys caused a long horn to be made of brass, and through this horn they

whatsoever words they spoke through this horn, one to the other, neither of
them could hear any other but harsh and hostile words. And when Llevelys saw
this, and that there was a demon thwarting them and disturbing through this horn,
he caused wine to be put therein to wash it. And through the virtue of the wine
the demon was driven out of the horn.

Power to destroy

when their discourse was unobstructed, Llevelys told his brother that he would
give him some insects whereof he should keep some to breed, lest by chance the
like affliction might come a second time. And other of these insects he should
take and bruise in water. And he assured him that it would have power to
destroy the race of the Coranians. That is to say, that when he came home to
his kingdom he should call together all the people both of his own race and of
the race of the Coranians for a conference, as though with the intent of making
peace between them; and that when they were all together, he should take this
charmed water, and cast it over all alike. And he assured him that the water
would poison the race of the Coranians, but that it would not slay or harm
those of his own race.

the second plague,” said he, “that is in thy dominion, behold it is a dragon.
And another dragon of a foreign race is fighting with it, and striving to
overcome it. And therefore does your dragon make a fearful outcry. And on this
wise mayest thou come to know this. After thou hast returned home, cause the
Island to be measured in its length and breadth, and in the place where thou
dost find the exact central point, there cause a pit to be dug, and cause a
cauldron full of the best mead that can be made to be put in the pit, with a
covering of satin over the face of the cauldron.

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