December 16, 2019

Lludd and Llevelys part 2

he prepared ships and filled them with armed knights, and set forth towards
France. And as soon as they had landed, they sent messengers to show the nobles
of France the cause of the embassy. And by the joint counsel of the nobles of
France and of the princes, the maiden was given to Llevelys, and the crown of
the kingdom with her. And thenceforth he ruled the land discreetly, and wisely,
and happily, as long as his life lasted.

a space of time had passed, three plagues fell on the Island of Britain, such
as none in the islands had ever seen the like of. The first was a certain race
that came, and was called the Coranians; and so great was their knowledge, that
there was no discourse upon the face of the Island, however low it might be
spoken, but what, if the wind met it, it was known to them. And through this
they could not be injured.

second plague was a shriek which came on every May-eve, over every hearth in
the Island of Britain. And this went through people’s hearts, and so scared
them that men lost their hue and their strength, and the women their children,
and the young men and the maidens lost their senses, and all the animals and
trees and the earth and the’ waters were left barren.

Consume first night

third plague was, that however much of provisions and food might be prepared in
the king’s courts, were there even so much as a year’s provision of meat and
drink, none of it could ever be found, except what was consumed in the first
night. And two of these plagues, no one ever knew their cause, therefore was
there better hope of being freed from the first than the second and third.

thereupon King Lludd felt great sorrow and care, because that he knew not how
he might be freed from these plagues. And he called to him all the nobles of
his kingdom, and asked counsel of them what they should do against these
afflictions. And by the common counsel of the nobles, Lludd the son of Beli
went to Llevelys his brother, king of France, for he was a man great of counsel
and wisdom, to seek his advice.

they made ready a fleet, and that in secret and in silence, lest that race
should know the cause of their errand, or any besides the king and his
counselors. And when they were made ready, they went into their ships, Lludd
and those whom he chose with him. And they began to cleave the seas towards

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