May 29, 2020

Dubrovnik and Austria

It`s not just Dubrovnik that`s worth a look. The surrounding area also has a great deal to offer.

The new Radisson Blu Hotel Sun Gardens makes a great base camp for anyone wishing to explore the resort of Dubrovnik ten kilometres away -and connected to the hotel by a shuttle boat – the beautiful southern stretch of the Dalmatian coast which surrounds it, and the offshore islands, which are always worth a look. If quiet, undiscovered destinations are your thing, the region has an embarrassment of riches.

Dubrovnik itself is not known as `Little Venic` for nothing; like its celebrated Italian counterpart across the Adriatic, the Croatian port is impressive and rich in histoiy, with ancient palaces, narrow alleyways and beautiful views over the sea. Any visit should also include a trip to the Elaphiti Islands, where the island of Lopud in particular is a must-see. And whenyou return from your day out island-hopping, the Radisson Resort offers the perfect place to relax and reflect, with restaurants offering Dalmatian and international cuisine, the largest spa on the Dalmatian coast, bars and cafes. And of course, those unspoilt Adriatic beaches.

What`s Up In Austria

The latest from culture and the arts.

200 Years Of The Joanneum

This year sees the Universatmuseum Joanneum in Graz celebrate the 200th anniversary of first opening its doors to the public. In addition to an extensive programme including numerous exhibitions, two new locations are being presented in the shape of the Museum im Palais and the loanneumsviertef: the relocation of the Kulturhistorische Sammlungat Palais Herberstein (opening 11 May) combines the latest exhibition presentation techniques with the appearance of the building, itself a protected historic monument. With its high-quality exhibits, the Museum im Palais is already becoming a true “Styrian treasure tro ve ”, The Joanneumsviertel opens its doors at the end of November.

Master Of The Oceans

 “Your art is great and powerful, because a genius inspires you ” William Turner once said of Ivan Aivazovsky. The Bank Austria Kunst- forum is currently presenting the work of the extraordinary artist for the first time ever outside Russia and Ukraine. Dedicated to the spirit of the romantic throughout, the paintings show not just shipwrecks, battles and naval manoeuvres, but also serene coastal scenes. His tour de force, “The Ninth Wave”, combines a catastrophic scenario with a glimmer of hope. The exhibition, “A ivazovsky – Painter of the Sea”, can be seen until 10 July.

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