January 20, 2020

Art Lover

An art lover also loves good food

– For breakfast Laduree (21 rue Bonaparte), Eggs Co (11 rue Bernard Palissy) and Gerard Mulot (76 rue de Seine). Accompanied with whipped cream and apricot marmalade. You must have French toast (a sweet version of Turkish eggy bread).

– For lunch, you could act like a Parisian, splash out and watch a rare steak served with string beans arrive at your table or you could drool over the mussels at the neighboring table and say, ‘I wish I’d ordered that,’ at Les Editeurs (4 Carrefour de I’Odeon).

Visit St. Germain, the heart of Paris’ alternative art scene

We recommend Laduree for breakfast, Les Editeurs for lunch and La Palette for dinner opening out to the world from Paris. For a dynamic time.

Now that you are in Paris, you must have French food for dinner. Friday, Relais de I’Entrecote (15 rue Marbeuf); Saturday, Le Petit St-Benoit (4 rue Saint-Benoit), Sunday, La Palette (290 rue Charenton).

Phoenix: The first band to spring to mind when it comes to Art Rock or Indie. This French band made their name known across the ocean remembered Olivier Assayas. At Au Saint Benoit Restaurant (26 rue Saint-Benoit) I melted along with the vanilla ice cream of the most delicious profiterole I have ever eaten. I woke up in a tiny attic flat and watched Quatre-Vents street from above; got a taste of the Paris rain and wind and experienced its white nights.

Parisian habits

On Sundays, the Parisian scoffs a roast beef sandwich with beer after waiting in line at Schwartz on the side of rue Rosier, also known as the Jewish street;

Although touristy, once in a while the Parisian orders meal of meat, gherkins and fried potatoes at Chartier (7 rue de Faubourg Montmartre) and isn’t taken by surprise if he hears applause after a glass is broken;

The Parisian buys fresh flowers, cheese, prawns and green vegetables from Bastille on Sundays and hosts friends at home later in the evening;

The Parisian knows that hot baguettes come out at 7am and 7pm and never skips coffee at breakfast;

The Parisian collects cheap art books at Mona Lisait (9 rue St. Martin);

If the weather is pleasant, the Parisian buys sparkling wine and goes for a picnic at Buttes Chaumont or the canal side of Saint Martin;

The Parisian listens to opera at Gamier, live music at Point Ephemere (200 quai de Valmy) and rock at Truskel (12 rue Claude Tilliers).

Tips from Deniz, local Bars: One of the best known in Paris’ 20th arrondissement, Aux Folies (8-rue de Belleville). It is packed at every hour of the day (7am- 3am) but there is always somewhere to sit on the terrace. It is a Paris mystery; you cannot understand why it is so popular until you become a regular. Food: My newest discovery is Le Verre Diable (10 rue Saint Marc ET 38), the young gem of the Passage des Panoramas, filled with boring historical restaurants.

Shopping: Boutique Matieres a Reflexion (19 rue de Poitou), which functions as a friends’ collective, is a rare gem in the Marais. This tiny, independent shop resembling a living workshop specializes in vintage leather and bags. Do not forget to drop in.