January 20, 2020

The Museum of Yalvac

With such a wealth of history and historical remains, Yalvac naturally has a fine museum in which finds from excavations and other sources are on display. At the entrance to the museum you are greeted by examples of some of the fine reliefs that once graced Antiocheia’s monuments. Entering the museum, we are immediately enthralled by an unbroken sequence of works that begins from Prehistoric times. The aesthetic satisfaction that comes of viewing works in terracotta changes to the pleasurable experience of examining Roman sarcophagi. The deep gaze in the eyes of a statue of Aphrodite is reflected in the statues of Pan and Men. That golden chalice over there must surely have been a witness to the excitement of countless victory celebrations. Works of mother-of-pearl depicting Mary, Jesus, and angels are just a few of the rare and exquisite works on display at the Yalvac Museum, which also contains a section for ethnographic material as well.