October 31, 2020

Sea Captain

I would have liked to be a Captain of the Sea

Drawing viewers’ attention with the role of Peyker in the TV series Ask-i Memnu, Nur Fettahoglu has made it to the top as the character of Mahidevran in Muhtesem Yuzyil (The Magnificent Century). ‘If I were Mahidevran, I would think of more clever solutions, but this is desperation, you never know’ says the beautiful actress, stating that if she had lived during that period, she would have wanted to be Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha.

‘The leading figures of that period went through great pain’

Starting her acting career with `Benden Baba Olmaz’ and then following with `Gonul Salincagi’, Nur Fettahoglu really made her acting breakthrough as `Peyker` in Ask-i Memnu. The role of Mahidevran in ‘Muhtesem Yuzyil` has carved her a position at the top. The beautiful actress, appearing as Mahidevran, one of the strong women of the Harem during the reign of Kanuni, says if

Art Lover

An art lover also loves good food

– For breakfast Laduree (21 rue Bonaparte), Eggs Co (11 rue Bernard Palissy) and Gerard Mulot (76 rue de Seine). Accompanied with whipped cream and apricot marmalade. You must have French toast (a sweet version of Turkish eggy bread).

– For lunch, you could act like a Parisian, splash out and watch a rare steak served with string beans arrive at your table or you could drool over the mussels at the neighboring table and say, `I wish I’d ordered that,’ at Les Editeurs (4 Carrefour de I`Odeon).

Visit St. Germain, the heart of Paris’ alternative art scene

We recommend Laduree for breakfast, Les Editeurs for lunch and La Palette for dinner opening out to the world from Paris. For a dynamic time.

Now that you are in Paris, you must have French food for dinner. Friday, Relais de I’Entrecote (15 rue Marbeuf); Saturday, Le Petit St-Benoit (4 rue Saint-Benoit), Sunday, La Palette (290

Mardin Stonemasonry

Mardin Stonemasonry Master-Trainer

I was born in 1965 in Mardin. I have been a stonemason for 25 years. I practice this art with love and enjoy sharing with people. I feel happy when working. In 1985, when I wasn’t working yet, I met with Master Yusuf. He is the best stonemason of Mardin. He took me into his business. At first it was quite challenging, I wanted to quit but I endured and accomplished because patience rewards us with success. I have done this for 25 years and I am glad I did not quit.

Hardest part

Drawing is the hardest part…

A couple of good eye